Puddle jumping!

With all of the rain that we have been having the last few days here (and believe me – we have needed it), Emilie has been spoiling to go puddle jumping. This afternoon, the rain finally let up for a little bit, and we hit the puddles. Here are some of my favourite shots:

I’ve been trying to get outside a lot more, and this little girl is helping me do it. She is so much fun. <3 Things around the homestead have been busy. I've been picking up a lot of hours at work, which is lovely for my wallet. I'm hoping to start saving for the Sect of the Horned God meetup in Vegas next April, so a little extra coin is always nice. LOL. My diet is going well. I will be posting my second month results sometime next week, once I get the measurements from Natalie. Super excited. 🙂

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Ideal Protein Results: 1st Month

So! I forgot to post this the other day because I fell asleep, but I’m posting it now! My results of my first month on the Ideal Protein protocol:

Total weight lost: 20.5 lbs.
Total inches lost: 16.25 inches

Starting weight: 325.5 lbs
Current weight: 305.0 lbs

Weight left to lose to reach goal: 125 lbs

I’m going to break 300 lbs in the next couple of weeks, and I am so happy. This will be the first time that that’s happened in over a year. I can’t be more pleased with the results I’m getting. Sure, the diet is difficult, but with the kind of results that I’m getting… the struggle is totally worth it.

I’m already finding that my pants are fitting a bit looser and that in itself is motivation enough to keep going.

I would post pictures, but I don’t have access to my ‘before’ pictures quite yet. I might post them when there’s a substantial, noticable change. I’m sure Natalie would allow me to have copies.

Aside from that, life has been the same ho-hum. Kyle is coming down for a visit in the next couple weeks, and I am so excited. This time I will definitely be getting pictures, whether he likes it or not. Also, I received my pre-order of the new Otep album today, so I will probably be writing a review… stay tuned for that if you’re interested. 🙂

Rejoice! Tomorrow is Friday!

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